Fashion thongs for men

I am so interested to wear fashion thongs as much as you do but I am not so sure if this will fit my personality really well. I mean yes, I am gifted with a huge penis and an outstanding sense of style but are these the only things I need to pump up  my interest at wearing this kind of underwear?


I have been told that wearing fashion thongs can change your sex life in such a way that it becomes more exciting than ever before. If this happens, I certainly think that I can fulfill my dreams of sleeping with more and more guys. I am not scared of doing this because it has become a part of my life as much as sex has become me too.


Now that I am greatly convinced on how I can maximize and benefit greatly from cheap yet fashionable fashion thongs, I think it’s the best time for me to really enjoy myself while I’m at it. I am sure that my partner whoever he will be in the days to come will love this a lot about me for sure. mens swimwear designs

Fashion thongs micro style for real men

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Extreme Fashion thongs for men by

Fashion thongs for men by



I am looking forward to wearing my first pair of fashion thongs. As a mondel, I have been very excited to flaunt my stuff on billboards and magazines and I have been really good at it. This is the first time that I will be shot from my butt and I am excited to see how I will look. I am excited to her feedback from my family and friends.


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Of course, although I do not expose my sex life publicly to my colleagues, I can assure you that I have a really active one. I like to keep it this way because it makes me happy and content and it makes my partner satisfied too. I like how we would dance the night away and usually end up drunk, in our fashion thongs and we know what to do next.


As a model, I am very lucky to be modeling what I really like and what I can I’m really good at. In fact, I can’t see myself being anything other than a model. It’s a pretty exciting job and it’s more exciting to be meeting all these guys from all over the world and it excites you to figure out which one of them is game to have sex with you in your fashion thongs.

Fashion thongs are fun

In the adult market of today, men have become accustomed to the sexy items that women wear. However, this does not stop the men to wear the sexy articles themselves. The male fashion thongs are one of the many that men enjoy wearing not only in the beach to flaunt but also for everyday use. Being sexy underneath their pants is a dirty little secret that men likes to feel. They feel horny wearing them and they feel sexy and irresistible at the same time. This boosts the confidence of men and they are liking it.


Fashion thongs for men by extreme swimwear

Fashion thongs for men by


Getting a fashion thong is not so hard these days. You can find them from the adult market out in the city or just browse online in the comfort of your own homes. This will also give you more time to select the best item that you think would be good to try on. You can also find one for your man and you both can wear it to work. You both will get kinky and hot by the time you come home and meet each other. It will be a blast to be together after a long day of horny feeling. Try it together; be adventurous and sexy for each other. mens swimwear fashion thongs, g-strings, sex wear, bikinis, cock displays and so much more. Check out our hot models showing everything!

Fashion thongs for men and women

If you think that fashion is just for females, then you are definitely wrong! It isn’t because even men like you and me can express ourselves through the kinds of fashion clothes we are to wear. But this is not all there is when it comes to fashion. It is important to kow and understand that we can all express our personalities even more by wearing fashion thongs especially made for men like us.


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Fashion thongs for men by extreme bikinis, thongs and G-strings

Fashion thongs for men by


Luckily, the options are just too diverse so you will definitely find a great style to fit your personality and sexual preference. If you want to have some kind of adventure, then you should go for fashion thongs that ar ebolder in terms of their color. If you want to heighten the element of surprise, then all you need to do is to basically choose colors that are darker.


Now that you are aware of the different great finds when it comes to fashion thongs, it is important that you find the one that will be best for you. Remember, there’s absolutely no reason to wait too long until you express your true self and desire to have that one great experience in bed or several experiences at that.

Fashion thongs at the Olympics

Most of you know many women at the Olympics wear thongs many are fashion thongs but you might be surprised by how many European men wear fashion thongs. Thet are some of the most popular styles on the beach and even as underwear in the UK. It is wonderful that so many men in the USA are getting in to wearing thongs as swimwear and as underwear. The fashion thongs at mens swimwear are just amazing and by far my favorites!


Men would like to be as fashionable as women are. They would like to look good on themselves as well as for the others to see. You would have not guessed that your man would find it self gratifying for him to wear something like fashion thongs.  Every one may find it surprising to know that even straight men would wear something as sexy and exposed like that tiny little outfit to cover himself. But then again, he finds it very comfy.


Fashion thongs for men by extreme swimsuits

Fashion thongs for men by


You will be in awe when you finally see your man wearing the skimpy article. It may be that because you are already wearing it that made him wants to wear and try one on him too. The influence that you have to you man could lead him to want to try new and bolder things. Fashion thongs could be just a start that would open the door for a more sexy and kinky relationship for you both. You will have to assist and guide him at some point like choosing the right cut and color for him to wear. It will be a great bonding moment too. Let him take his time, besides, he is doing this to please you too.

Fashion thongs and what men like to wear

Fashion Thongs and Ultimate Happiness

There is nothing quite like looking out on a beach and seeing someone wearing fashion thongs as they slowly walk through the sand. That sight alone can make a grown man’s heart skip a beat if they aren’t too careful, and that is what you want people to do when they see you walking down the beach. Now, if you are planning on doing that, then you are going to have to do some work on your body to get it into the shape that you want it to be in. Wearing this kind of swimwear means that you are going to be showing that butt off, and it needs to look good.

Some guys think that wearing fashion thongs is enough to get everyone’s attention, but the truth is there is a lot more than just putting on some swimwear. For instance, if you are flabby and out of shape, then you aren’t going to look good in any swimwear that shows your body off let alone in a thong. Now, you may not be flabby or out of shape, but have you looked back there to see if there was any unsightly hair growing lately?

Most guys find it quite annoying that they have hair growing on their butt, and that is something that no one wants to see when you are wearing fashion thongs out in public. You need to make sure your butt is smooth and sexy before you don something like this and take a stroll down the sand covered beaches of your home town. Just think about what people are going to be saying about you if you weren’t nice and smooth back there. You could end up being the joke of the town in no time at all.

So, once you have your body, and more specifically your butt, in shape for your fashion thongs to parade on the beach, you will have to figure out what style and material you want them to be made from. has quite the variety in options for you and choosing can be a difficult thing for some men. Almost anyone can make a simple decision when there are but a handful of options to choose from, but has more than a handful, and you will have to make sure that you pay attention to what you are doing when it come to this stage of the game.

The first thing you are going to need to do is figure out what materials you want your new fashion thongs to be created from. If you have a fetish for a certain type of material, then this should be a bit easier for you to decide. has done everything they can to make sure that the latest and highest quality materials are used in their creations, and that means that your fetish can literally come alive for you. What other fetish can you freely enjoy out in public without someone thinking you are a freak?

Once you have picked out the material that your fashion thongs is to be made from, you will choose the style of thong that will suit you best. Now, this can be tricky for some guys out there that have never worn anything like this before. It’s best to look at the pictures that has of models actually wearing their items so that you can get a better understanding of what to expect from the different designs. This is something that a lot of guys seem to pass on, and it always bites them in the end.

Your fashion thongs should be a symbol of who you are on the inside and show off how sexy you are on the outside. If you play your cards right, you will end up with a thong that you can wear even under your clothing and still enjoy. You won’t be able to find too many stores out there that can give you this much comfort in something that is traditionally seen as a sexual application. The good news is that your thong will definitely give you all the attention you can handle if you do your part with it.

Watching those guys walking down the beach in their fashion thongs has stirred a lot of feelings in people over the years and now there are guys from all walks of life that want to get their own pair. They may not know where they should go to find them, but they have seen them with their own eyes and know that they do in fact exist. Mens thongs aren’t the ramblings of a madman any longer. They are real and you can find them if you put the time in. Or you could just go to and look around instead.

Most guys will try to find fashion thongs on other sites to see if they can get them cheaper of course. There is nothing wrong with that, but you have to remember that any other site on the Intenett that is selling thongs like this at a cheaper price is also going to be using cheaper materials and craftsmanship in the process. Now, if that is something you don’t care about, then go ahead and pick something from a nameless website that is selling third party thongs to the general public. Just don’t get upset if they fall apart on you the second time you put them on.

Quality materials in your fashion thongs is very important and knows this. They want you to know that your money is actually worth something to them and they will do everything in their power to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. In fact, they will go above and beyond to make sure that the items you are purchasing are going to last you a very long time. That sure beats having to buy a new thong every other week because they fell apart in the wash.

So now that you have your high quality fashion thongs from, what do you do with them? Well, most guys will take them out to the beach for a fun day out in the sun. Then, there are other guys that will wear them to the tanning salon so that they can get the best possible tan. You might even want to tan out in your backyard in them and show off your butt to all your neighbors. Just make sure that they don’t get overly upset with you doing this or it could cause quite a few problems later on.

Some guys take their fashion thongs to work with them or shopping for the afternoon. Whatever you happen to be doing on any particular day is a good time to be wearing your favorite thongs. You don’t have to set up anything special like going to the beach just to wear them. In fact, there are plenty of guys that don’t live anywhere close to the beach and they wear their thongs on a regular basis. You just have to be a bit more creative in your attempts to wear your thongs and get noticed by other people at the same time.

Now, you should be aware that wearing your fashion thongs under your clothing is still going to give you that sexy and alluring glow that wearing them out on a public beach is going to give to you. The main reason for that is in the fact that you will feel sexy in your new thongs and that feeling of sexiness will raise your confidence levels. It may bit a bit difficult for you to tie in confidence with feelings of sexiness associated with a thong, but it happens all the time.

Just go to and take a look at the models wearing the fashion thongs on their site. You can see in their eyes that they feel sexy wearing something like that and they have an air of confidence about them that makes you want to get to know them better. By wearing your thongs under your clothing, you are going to get the same reaction from all the people around you. You might even get attention from people that you would prefer not to, but that is the price you have to pay in order to play in the world of sexy thongs.

You may not fully understand how any of this is going to fit into your life simply by purchasing some fashion thongs form That is okay, though. A lot of guys out there felt the exact same way until they finally got their new thongs in the mail. Then, it was like all the pieces of the puzzle came flying together and allowed them to see the bigger picture in their life. You might find that after wearing your thong for a while everything that was wrong with your life will slowly start to turn out for the best, and that is something you can get from anything else.

Now, don’t think that wearing fashion thongs from is suddenly going to make you the life of the party or the boss of your company overnight. That really isn’t even close to being in the realm of this reality. But you will find that with the confidence you gain from wearing these things that you can do just about anything you put your mind to. You may not be the boss of the company you work for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a promotion and a raise.

You will start to notice that more people are willing to talk to you since you have started wearing your fashion thongs on a regular basis. This is one of those strange coincidences in life that people in prehistoric times would have probably associated with magic and the gods. Of course, there is nothing magic about wearing a thong, but when you are wearing them, you seem to open up to people and find it easier to communicate with them. There have been many theories on why this happens, but no real conclusion has ever been made to explain it.

If you have a partner, then you might want to make sure that you are allowed to wear your fashion thongs out in public. Your partner is going to know exactly how sexy you look in them and, if they feel that you are going to be getting too much attention, then you might not want to risk it. Everyone knows the wrath of a partner can be quite dramatic and you don’t want to go through something like that just so you can show your butt off to strangers on the beach.

Let your partner help you pick out your fashion thongs so that they can feel that they have some kind of say in whether or not you can wear them out to the beach. This will make them happy, and you will still get to be able to wear your thongs. They may not be the style that you were hoping for in the long run, but isn’t it better to make your partner happy rather than risk the chance of them becoming jealous and causing havoc out there in the sand? That could turn into a nightmare that you would have only thought possible in the movies, if you aren’t too careful.

Whatever you decide to do in regards to wearing your fashion thongs, just make sure that you are happy with yourself and your body. These babies are going to be showing off a lot more than you might think once you get them on and adjusted right. If you aren’t happy with the way your body looks, then you are going to be self-conscious about it with every single step you take. Wear them around the house for a few days and look at what you look like in the mirror while you have them on. If you need to make some changes, then don’t be afraid to make them. Just remember that the ultimate goal is in your happiness in your thongs.



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Fashion thongs by Extreme swimwear for men.

Fashion thongs by Extreme swimwear for men.

Fashion thongs for men by Koala

Fashion Thongs

Some of the most interesting swimwear items to hit the market recently have been the fashion thongs from These wondrous items have been creating a stir of emotions from everyone that has worn them or just seen them being worn by a guy out on the beach somewhere. Of course, by the time they see another man wearing something like this; they tend to think that they would never be able to look good in it. But, if they were to search online for mens swimwear, they could be the one setting the trends that everyone else would want to follow.

Wearing fashion thongs isn’t for everyone, though. There are a record number of overweight men in the world these days, and no one wants to see someone like that wearing a thong out in public. If you are interested in wearing swimwear like this, then you are going to need to put the effort into making yourself look presentable in them. Don’t just sit around on your butt all day and then head out to the beach in your thong thinking you look sexy with all your flab hanging out. Get some basic exercise and eat right so that when you finally put your fashion thongs on you will look as sexy as those models that are wearing them on You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by living your life healthy, and that is something that every guy out there needs to remember.

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Fashion thongs for men by

Fashion thongs for men by

Fashion Thongs and micro to ultra micro suits for men

Fashion Thongs

There are a lot of men looking for something new to wear to the beach this summer, and that something new should be fashion thongs from mens swimwear. Now, there are a lot of guys that absolutely love thongs, as long as they are on beautiful women. Some guys just can’t handle that little string in between their cheeks while they are walking around in public on a beach somewhere. But there are some men that have looked past all of that and give them a shot anyway.

The guys that are wearing fashion thongs to the beach are the ones that are so comfortable with who they are that it doesn’t matter to them what anyone else might think of their swimwear choices. They know that the most important part of heading out to the beach for the weekend is to have fun, and these thongs will bring just that. Not only are you going to get a great amount of fun while you’re on the beach, but you are also going to find out what real attention is like. You will definitely be showing your body off unlike anything before.

If you have never worn fashion thongs before, then you are in for a wonderful treat. There is nothing quite like walking around in a thong to make you understand just how entertaining people can find your body. Just be prepared for the amount of looks and smiles that you are going to be getting from wearing something like this. If you aren’t fond of wearing thongs, then you really need to look at the different styles and designs that has to offer because there is a good chance that those options will change your mind. Either way, you should give these little gems a try. You won’t be disappointed.


Fashion thongs for men

Fashion Thongs for men by

Fashion Thongs with penis stretchers

As most of our readers know these fashion thongs are all about mens fashion thongs. If you are looking for women’s fashion thongs there are hundreds of blogs but only one men’s exclusive blog for fashion thongs. Our idea of fashion ranges from beautiful streamline body forming thongs all the way the most extreme cock stretching anal hook rear thong designs. Our ideas about fashion thongs cover a vast range from subdued to intensely raunchy because unlike women and their taste in underwear, swimwear, panties and lingerie, men are animals and when they get into the thrill of wearing thongs they stretch the boundaries to extreme levels. My favorite company is mens swimwear and my collection is very large. I have included a couple shots of me wearing a cock stretcher over the shoulders thong.

Fashion thongs for men by

Fashion thongs for men by

Fashion thongs for men by

Fashion thongs for men by



Fashion Thongs with a butt plug for men

Fashion Thongs with a butt plug for men

The following photo is of me wearing a butt plug powered swimsuit from the mens swimwear fashion thongs collection. The rear is held in place with a butt plug that shoved deep inside of me and as you can see from the photo the front pouch appears to be floating free but it is kept in place with a special cock ring. These are some of the most extreme men’s fashion thongs you will ever find and as far as fashion thongs go you will never find a more exciting and stimulating design.


Fashion thongs